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Health and Safety Information


We’re excited to see you at Y Club again soon. The safety and well-being of everyone is our top priority. In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, we have added a layer of new procedures to help everyone stay safe and healthy. Please review the following information about what to expect when participating in Youth Development Programs and the Y.


The information below will be updated as new information becomes available. Guidelines may change as we follow the latest public health guidelines.

Health Assessments

No sick children will be allowed to enter a YMCA facility. A health assessment and temperature check will be done every day at check-in.

If a participant in any Youth Development program develops symptoms or a fever of 100.4 Fahrenheit or higher while in the program, the following will take place:

  • The child will be isolated immediately, away from other participants and staff.

  • A parent or guardian will be called to pick up the child immediately.

  • Staff will notify the supervisor immediately.

  • Staff will follow cleaning guidelines immediately to disinfect the isolation area.

If we learn of a positive COVID-19 case, we follow CDC and local health department guidelines.  

Social Distancing

  • Programs will maintain staff to child ratio based on local and state licensing standards.

  • To the degree possible, participants will remain in the same group.

  • Plan activities that limit close physical contact between multiple participants.

  • Eliminate item sharing when possible and, if items are being shared, remind participants not to touch their faces and wash their hands after using these items.

  • Minimize time standing in lines.

  • Incorporate additional outside time and open windows frequently. If multiple groups are outside at the same time, they should have a minimum of six feet of open space between outdoor play areas or visit these areas in shifts so that they are not congregating.

Handwashing and Hand Sanitizer

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided and frequent hand-washing will be required.
  • Always wash hands immediately after outdoor play time.

Reusable Materials

As much as possible, the use of materials and supplies that are reusable will be limited or eliminated. Children should bring individual supplies including:

  • Pens
  • Markers/Crayons
  • Pencils
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Any other frequently used reusable supply


  • Online registration is encouraged but can be completed at Youth Development Services (YDS) Welcome Center.
  • YMCA of Greater Kansas City staff and counselors are not able to accept registration or monies.
  • All registration forms need to be filled out completely including emergency contacts.
  • Payment in full is required the Sunday prior to the start of any Y Club, Camp, Essential Care, No School Day or other YDS program.
  • Participants should not be left at a program without at least one emergency contact.
  • Staff will provide a sign in and sign out sheet, which includes the child's name, time in/time out, and parent signature in/out for parents when dropping off and picking up from any Y Club, Camp, Essential Care, No School Day or other YDS program.
  • The person receiving the child must be listed on their emergency contact list.
  • The person picking up a child will be required to show their photo ID every time at pickup.