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Make the Most
of Your Y Membership

Thank you for being part of the Y! Please refer to this information to learn about policies, programs and the purpose behind our organization.

Our Purpose, Programs and Policies

If you have any questions about these policies, please contact your local Y.

About the Y

As a member of the Y, you’re part of much more than a place to exercise. You’re supporting the values and programs that strengthen your community. At the Y, children learn what they can achieve, families spend quality time together, and we all build relationships that deepen our sense of belonging.

With a focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Y is the leading nonprofit committed to strengthening communities. We engage people across the metro—more than half of them kids—to help them reach their fullest potential. Serving the Kansas City area since 1860, the Y has the long-standing relationships and physical presence not just to promise, but to deliver, lasting personal and social change. 


Our Mission

The YMCA of Greater Kansas City, founded on Christian principles, is a charitable organization with an inclusive environment committed to enriching the quality of family, spiritual, social, mental and physical well-being.

Our Values

Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

The YMCA of Greater Kansas City strives to ensure access, inclusion and engagement for all to reach their personal potential in a welcoming and safe environment. We work on a case-by-case basis within our centers, sites and resources, to provide access to programs and services for all.


The Y is the nation’s leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community through the following areas of focus:

Youth Development 

Nurturing the potential of every child and teen
With holistic support, children and teens can develop the skills they need to be successful in life. The Y believes that youth development is the social-emotional, cognitive and physical process that youth experience from birth to career. The Y nurtures youth through the development process, helping them realize their potential to be active, thriving and contributing members of society.

Healthy Living 

Improving the nation’s health and well-being
At the Y, being healthy means more than being physically active. It’s about maintaining a balanced spirit, mind and body. We bring families closer together, promote healthy living and foster connections through fitness, sports, fun and shared interests. As a result, thousands of youth, adults and families across our region receive the support, guidance and resources they need to become and stay healthy.

Social Responsibility 

Giving back and providing support to our neighbors
Our Y has been listening and responding to the most critical social needs of the Kansas City area since our founding in 1860. The Y fosters the care and respect all people need and deserve in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Our work is made possible thanks to the support of thousands of volunteers, donors, leaders and partners.

Membership Information

The Y is for everyone. All are invited to join and enjoy our life-enhancing programs and services, regardless of age, faith, race, background, ability or socio-economic circumstance. With a Y membership, you have full access to our centers and member-only rates for programs and services.


Our range of flexible membership categories help ensure you find a fit for your unique household.

  • Youth/Teen: One youth, age 9-19
  • Young AdultOne adult, age 20-29
  • AdultOne adult, age 30-64
  • Couple: Two adults, living in the same household.*
  • AOA (Active Older Adult): One adult age 65 and older.
  • AOA Couple: Two Adults, one age 65 or older*
  • Single/w Kids: One adult and one or more dependents*
  • Family: Two adults, plus one or more dependents*
  • Family +1: Three adults, plus one or more dependents*
  • Family +2Four adults, plus one or more dependents*

* All listed on membership must live in the same household.

Corporate Memberships also are available. Inquire at your local Y.


All members receive membership cards. Membership cards and photo IDs are essential tools to maintaining safety at all Y locations. Safety is a cornerstone of our center operations.

  • A membership card will be issued upon initial start of membership. If your card is lost, there will be a $5 replacement fee. We will replace a worn card for free when the original is returned. Members can download our free app that allows you to save your membership barcode and scan in using your smartphone, rather than your membership card. 
  • Present your membership card at the Welcome Center every time you enter a Y location. If you arrive without your card, you may show another form of photo ID, such as your driver’s license, to secure entry. 
  • All members, adults and children, are required to have a current photo on file in our system. Maintaining photos of adults and children in system helps ensure those entering the Y are properly identified and help ensure that the children match adults identified on their membership.
  • Members under age 9 may visit the Y accompanied by an adult or legal guardian possessing a valid membership card.
  • If your card does not scan, we will verify your membership by other means, such as an additional form of identification, while you wait. We can only allow entry into the Y if your membership is current.
  • We issue one card per member. For safety and security, sharing your card or transferring your membership to another person is not permitted and may be grounds for termination of membership.


With nationwide membership, Y members may visit any participating Y facility in the United States at no additional cost.

Nationwide membership is an essential part of our cause to strengthen communities, enabling members to reach their health and wellness goals wherever they live, work or travel, and connect with the larger Y community in meaningful ways. Some unique membership categories are not accepted for nationwide usage, so please ask a membership representative for more information as needed.



  • Members can bring a guest.
  • Each guest must provide a valid photo ID on each visit (driver’s license, school ID, state/federal ID card, passport, or see a Y associate for other acceptable documentation).
  • All guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied and signed in by a current Y member over the age of 18 on each visit.
  • Each guest must be properly checked-in through our Welcome Center.
  • The current Y member will be held responsible for any discipline issues of their guest(s) up to and including suspension or termination of membership.
  • Each guest is allowed one guest visit per calendar year.


Guests who exceed their one complimentary visit for the year may purchase additional visits. The rate is $15 per visit for age 20 and older, $8 per visit for ages 13-19 and $5 per visit for ages 12 and younger.


The Y offers caregiver passes for families who rely on the support of outside-the-family caregivers.

Households and caregivers must first complete and sign our caregiver pass policy. Once the caregiver pass has been issued, the pass holder may visit the Y at any time in the company of the dependent(s) in a supervisory capacity. Caregivers must be with the dependents they are supervising at all times. Caregiver passes do not constitute a membership and holders are not entitled to the benefits of membership.


Your membership may be upgraded to include a nanny or babysitter. Any nanny or babysitter must be an active member of the Y in order to supervise your children on site. As an active member, your nanny or babysitter will have full access to all of the amenities available to members, including Kids Zone services, group exercise and more. For children age 6 or younger, nannies must be at least 18 in order to supervise at our locations.

Membership Policies

As a member of the Y, you’re part of an organization committed to helping everyone in our community have the opportunities they need to reach their fullest potential. Our membership policies are designed to ensure we can continue to provide a safe, positive and nurturing environment where individuals and families feel welcome and at home.


The YMCA of Greater Kansas City enrolls and maintains memberships without regard to basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or other considerations made unlawful by applicable law. All members shall have full and equal access to our services. All members with disabilities shall be entitled to reasonable accommodations. Any member who believes that they have been treated unfairly should first report to the center director or they may contact the Senior Vice President of Membership or Senior Vice President of Operations.


We ask all members to act in accordance with the values of the Y to maintain an atmosphere that’s free of offensive and unlawful conduct.

As an inclusive, welcoming environment for all, the Y will not tolerate:

  • Fighting
  • Use of abusive language
  • Disrespect for property rights of the Y or others
  • Conduct or actions of a sexual nature
  • Derogatory or unwelcome comments based on an individual’s race, color, sex/gender, gender identity, religion, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or other considerations made unlawful by applicable law.
  • Verbal, physical or mental abuse whether implied, expressed or conducted that threatens the well-being of others.

As a private organization, the Y reserves the right to cancel the membership of any member or program participant who does not follow the Member Code of Conduct at any time, while on-site at a Y center or during participation in any Y-affiliated event, regardless of location. Y associates may define what is considered inappropriate behavior in determination of a member’s suspension or termination.

Y members or guests who observe behavior not fitting the Member Code of Conduct should promptly report concerns to a Y associate so that we may make every effort to investigate and resolve issues promptly, confidentially and effectively.


The Y monitors and verifies our membership against the national sexual offender registry, to enhance the safety of members, guests and associates in our facilities. Persons listed on this registry are not eligible for membership, guest access or program participation with the YMCA of Greater Kansas City.


Locker rooms are available for your convenience. Adults may bring any of their children age 5 and younger into the locker room with them. Children age 6 and older should accompany a parent of the same gender. Some centers offer family locker rooms or universal changing rooms. Check with your preferred Y center to find out your options.

To ensure all Y members’ standards of privacy are respected and safety is prioritized, when using any of our locker rooms, saunas, steam rooms or Whirlpool facilities, please wear a towel or clothing. The use of cameras or video recording devices is not permitted in any Y locker room.


You are responsible for all personal belongings that you bring to a Y center or program site. The Y does not provide locks, so please bring your own secure lock for protection of your items. We encourage you to leave valuables at home. Lockers are available for use only during normal operating hours. Locks left overnight may be removed and contents donated to charity at the discretion of Y associates.


Please wear attire appropriate for a family-oriented organization throughout all areas of our facilities.

  • Swimsuits are required in the pool. Cutoffs or street clothes are not permitted. Burkinis or other modest swim attire are acceptable.
  • Proper workout attire should be worn in our wellness centers, group exercise studios, basketball courts, tracks and other program areas. Examples of appropriate attire include t-shirts or sweats; knit, nylon or cotton shorts and pants. Sports bras and swimsuits are not considered proper workout attire in group exercise classes, wellness centers, courts, tracks and other program areas.
  • Athletic shoes must be worn at all times in all workout areas of the facility. Sandals, flip flops, boots and dress shoes are prohibited.
  • Coverage is required even in the locker rooms, steam rooms, saunas and whirlpool. Please keep a towel, wrap or other clothes on at all times.


Your safety and security while at any Y location is a top priority. To help create a safe environment, please leave valuables at home and bring a lock to secure any property you bring on site in a locker. We encourage you to avoid leaving any valuables in a locked car on the property.

We cannot be responsible for any theft or damage to your personal property, either in our facilities or parking lots. Please remember, you are responsible for securing any items you bring on site. Y associates are not permitted to hold or watch your valuables for you.

If you have any possessions stolen or damaged while at the Y, please contact a Y associate at our Welcome Center to complete an incident report. We track incidents, will involve law enforcement when necessary and take any appropriate steps to prevent future issues.


To support a safe and healthy environment, all Y facilities prohibit alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, e-cigarettes and vaping.


No weapons of any kind, at any time, are permitted on Y property. Regardless of any valid license to possess, Y members are prohibited from carrying onto Y property or inside Y facilities any firearms, Tasers, large knives or other objects Y associates determine to be potentially dangerous to the safety of our members.


If you lose something on site, promptly check your center’s Lost and Found area to see if the item has been retrieved. We hold items in our Lost and Found for a period of one week. Unclaimed items after this time are donated to charity. The Y is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Please keep your contact information up to date with the Y. Your current address, phone number and emergency contact information are essential in case of an emergency. Some programs may require a written and signed physician’s approval prior to participation.


Center hours vary by location. Each center sets hours based on member needs. Typically, all Y centers are closed or have reduced hours on major holidays. Occasionally, centers may modify hours during inclement weather, such as ice or snow, if it impacts the ability of associates and members to travel safely. Check with your preferred location or visit for details about the latest hours.


Parking is available for members and program participants at all Y locations. If you visit the Kirk Family YMCA in downtown Kansas City, Mo., parking for Y members and program participants in the adjoining lot is limited to up to 3 hours at no cost with validation. If you exceed 3 hours of parking or do not validate your parking, there is a $35 fee to exit, payable by credit card at the gate. For more information, visit

Fees and Payments

Monthly fee payments are to be made via an automatic draft from a bank account, debit card or credit card of your choice. An automatic draft allows your monthly membership fee to be paid directly from your bank or credit account, with no hassle to you.

Important information about automatic drafts:

  • To set up the automatic draft through your bank account, a voided check is required.
  • If you must cancel your membership or change your account information, we will make changes for you upon receiving written notice. Visit your local Y to complete and sign a Change or Cancellation Form.
  • Please monitor your monthly bank or credit card statement for any discrepancies. You must report errors within 90 days of occurrence to enable us to make any corrections.
  • To update your payment information, visit or call your local center, or sign in to your account online via the “Account Login” button at

As an alternative to monthly automatic drafts, a fixed term fee is also available, allowing for payment of 6 months or 1 year.


Outstanding balances, resulting from uncollected returned payments, must be resolved before the participant can attend or enroll in any Y program.

  • A redraft of a fee payment can occur up to three times, if the initial attempt to draft is unsuccessful.
  • If your check, debit card or credit card payment has been declined for reasons other than non-sufficient funds, you may pay your fee at your Y location.


Refunds are not issued for one-time joining fees or for membership fees because of lack of use or non-attendance.


If participating in a Y program, refunds will only be issued prior to the start of a program session. After the program has started the participant (or parent/guardian for a youth participant) may request a transfer into a future program sign-up. If the participant moves out of the service area in the middle of the program session a refund may be issued. Special circumstances will be handled with the director of the program.


As a nonprofit, the Y welcomes all regardless of their financial circumstances. Scholarships are available to provide financial assistance for monthly membership fees for those who qualify.

Scholarship applications are available at the Welcome Center of every local Y. 

A completed scholarship application, a completed membership application and verification of income for all incomes in the household are needed to apply. If your financial circumstances change during the course of your membership, you may inquire about adjustments to scholarships. Members receiving financial assistance will be asked to re-verify their income every six months.

Changes to Your Membership

Change is inevitable, even when it comes to your Y membership. We offer a simple form to complete any changes related to your membership, such as adding or removing a family member, changing your address or updating your bank account information. You may submit these changes at any Y Welcome Center.


Need to add someone to your membership? Simply complete a change form to let us know of the upgrade. If adding participants to a membership puts you in a different membership category, there is a $10 membership change fee.

If you need to remove members from your membership, simply complete a change form and return the membership cards of those no longer participating. We’ll adjust your membership category and fees as needed. Please allow 10 days for adjustments to your monthly draft amount.


Memberships to the YMCA of Greater Kansas City are not transferable to other Y’s outside the YMCA of Greater Kansas City Association. If you’re moving out of our area but would like to maintain Y membership elsewhere, you may cancel your membership here and join again in your new city.

At your request, we will provide a letter stating the cancellation date of your membership here in Kansas City and the amount of joining fees you paid. Contact the Y in your new area to find out their policies, joining fees and dues, as details will vary.


Drafts can be held one time for a maximum of three consecutive calendar months per year. If you need to suspend your membership for any reason, submit a hold form at least 10 days in advance of your draft date. The membership will be on hold for those months and use of the facility is prohibited during that time. There will be a one-time $10 hold fee due when submitting the form. Regular membership dues will automatically resume drafting after the hold expires.


To cancel your membership, request a Y cancellation form at the Welcome Center. Complete and sign the form, and return it to the Welcome Center. We require a 14-day written notice prior to cancellation. We cannot accept cancellations by phone, verbally or by fax. Please note, the Y reserves the right to cancel a membership with appropriate notice.


If your membership has terminated, we are able to reinstate your membership within 30 days of termination.

Supervision Requirements

All children under the age of 9 must be directly supervised by their parents or guardians while on Y property or at a Y program location, unless the children are participating in an organized Y program.
  • Parents or guardians of children under the age of 9 must remain on Y property while their children are at the Y, unless children are enrolled in a fee based, supervised Y program.
  • Children age 9 and older may be at the Y in an unsupervised environment.
  • All youth ages 9-19 are eligible for a Y Youth/Teen membership.


  • Children under the age of 9 and over the age of 12 weeks may stay in Kids Zone for up to two hours per morning and two hours per evening.
  • Parents, guardians and adults are the only people authorized to leave a child at Kids Zone and are required to remain on site at the Y during their child’s visit.
  • Only the parent, guardian or adult who signs a child into Kids Zone may sign out or pick up the child, unless there is prior authorization for another parent, guardian or adult to pick up the child.

Health, Well-being & Fitness Guidelines

The Y strives every day to provide a welcoming place where anyone, from beginning exercisers to competitive athletes, can come to improve their health and well-being. The following health and wellness policies are designed to help ensure safety and a positive experience for all members who use the Y.


Only associates employed by the Y are allowed to provide personal training within Y facilities and programs. Our associates are nationally trained and certified (in accordance with the Y’s history and philosophy), and they are committed to carrying out our mission by providing high-quality programs.

To provide safe, high-quality personal training at all times, personal trainers who are not employed by the Y are prohibited from training or conducting business in a Y facility.


We constantly strive to supply our members with a wide variety of well-maintained wellness equipment, and we oversee the safety of equipment used during our programs. We ask that you refrain from bringing personal fitness equipment for use within the Y— such as TRX equipment, dumbbells and any other items Y associates determine are not compliant with our high safety standards.


  • Children ages 9-12 may use age-appropriate wellness equipment if they have completed the Tween Orientation or are within arm’s reach of a parent or guardian.   
  • Teens ages 13-15 may use wellness equipment if they have completed the Teen Orientation.   
  • Youth are able to participate in programs or classes specifically designed for them (such as youth or family-friendly group exercise classes).

Swimming & Water Safety

The Y encourages aquatic activities, exercise and recreation in our pools throughout the metro. Your safety and the safety of all who use our pools is a priority.


During your visit to one of our pools, you may observe ongoing training exercises, including live water safety and rescue drills. All Y lifeguards are trained by ASHI to prevent aquatic emergencies and conduct emergency and rescue care whenever necessary. Such training allows the Y’s lifeguards to stay prepared as the guardians of your safety and well-being.


  • Children age 5 and younger MUST have a parent or guardian age 18 or older in the water, within arm’s length at all times. Guardians must have proper swimwear before entering the pool.
  • Children ages 6-8 must have a parent or guardian age 18 or older in the pool deck area.
  • Children ages 9-14 are allowed in the pool deck area for a maximum of two hours, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian age 18 or older.


Appropriate, lined swimwear is required as defined by pool staff. Swimwear is clothing intended to be worn by people engaging in a water-based activity or water sports, such as swimming, and made of a material such as Lycra with nylon, and Spandex. Burkinis or other modest swim attire are acceptable.

Material not intended for swimwear will not be allowed. This includes cutoffs, gym shorts, T-shirts, undershirts and bras. Please check with the Aquatics Director if you are unsure if your swimwear meets these guidelines or if special circumstances are required.

Infants and children who are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper and appropriate swimsuit.


Lifeguards enforce rules for the benefit and safety of all swimmers.

  • No running or rough play.
  • Flotation devices must be Coast Guard-approved.
  • Pool toys must be approved by a lifeguard, subject to number of pool users.
  • Diving is only permitted in designated areas of 9 feet or more.
  • Please shower prior to entering the pool.
  • No underwater breath holding permitted.
  • Non-potty-trained infants and children must be in a swim diaper and appropriate swimsuit.
  • No glass permitted in the pool area.

Notify your Lifeguard if you have any questions or concerns.


All swimmers, ages 14 and younger, are required to successfully pass a swim test before being allowed in a pool without a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD) or without direct adult supervision.

Swim Test

  • Jump into the deep end of the pool, submerge fully, return to the surface and immediately begin swimming without pushing off the wall.
  • Swim in a horizontal position, on stomach and on top of the water.
  • Exit the pool without assistance using either the wall or the pool ladder.

The swim test will be offered as determined by each center to ensure the lifeguard is able to monitor the pool at all times. Swim tests can be administered by a Y certified lifeguard or safety assistant.

Swimmers Who Pass the Swim Test

  • 8 years and younger: Swimmers may swim without a Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (PFD) independently in the pool, but must have an adult age 18 and older remain in the pool or pool deck area.
  • 9 years and older: Swimmers may use the pool on their own without a Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (PFD) and without an adult at the pool with them.

Swimmers Still Working Toward Passing the Swim Test

  • Children ages 14 years and younger who have not passed the test yet, are required to wear a Coast Guard-approved flotation device (PFD) unless he or she is within an arm’s length distance from an adult age 18 or older.
  • If the child is wearing a Coast Guard-approved PFD, an adult age 18 or older must be on site but may monitor their child while using another part of the swimming pool. Children 5 years of age and younger must be within arm’s reach at all times.
  • If the child is NOT wearing a Coast Guard-approved PFD, then the adult must remain within arm’s reach of a child (one-on-one ratio) and be actively monitoring them in the water at all times.
  • Youth who have not passed the swim test may not go off of the diving board.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Lifeguards have the discretion to mandate a PFD on a swimmer,as well as require a swim test for any swimmer at any time.


Swim lessons can only be taught by a certified YMCA swim instructor who is currently employed with the YMCA of Greater Kansas City.

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