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Spring 2017 Sports

Explore the look at the sports programs currently open for registration at the YMCA of Greater Kansas City.

Bitty Sports

FEES: Free for Y Members, Fees for Community Participants

Programs are offered year-round and vary by center but may include cheer, baseball, basketball, flag football and Sporting Tykes soccer. No matter which sport you choose, all players learn the importance of teamwork, fair play and fun. Players are introduced to fundamentals of the sport through instructional practices and scrimmage games.

Parent participation is strongly encouraged. 

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Youth Flag Football

AGES: 5+ GRADES: Kindergarten-3rd Grade
DAYS: 1 practice per week, 1 game per week
LOCATION: Blue Springs, Bonner Springs, Cleaver, Linwood, Northland, Olathe, Paul Henson, Providence, Red Bridge

In Youth Flag Football, the focus is on teamwork in a positive and structured environment. Children will learn how to throw, catch, run routes and other aspects of the game that will keep them active and help them develop skills such as hand-eye coordination. In addition, children will have an opportunity to develop leadership skills and build self-esteem as they improve their technique. 

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Youth Soccer

AGES: 5+ GRADES: Kindergarten-3rd Grade
TIME: 1 practice per week, 1 game per week
FEES: Vary by Center
LOCATION: 8th Street, Blue Springs, Bonner Springs, Cleaver, Linwood, Northland, Olathe, Paul Henson, Providence, Red Bridge

With an emphasis on fair play and fun, soccer at the Y is progressive with age-appropriate rules to help teach the game and keep it fun at every level. Our soccer program focuses on sportsmanship and teaching the basic skills including kicking, passing, dribbling, shooting, defense and working as a team.

Soccer is offered at most Y locations in the Spring (March-May) and Fall (August-October) seasons. Bitty Soccer is also available for players ages 3-5.

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Youth Volleyball

AGES: 8+ GRADES: 3rd-8th Grade
FEES: Vary by location
LOCATION: Cleaver Family YMCA, Paul Henson Family YMCA, Red Bridge Family YMCA

Our volleyball leagues are designed to develop fundamental volleyball skills while learning teamwork, strategy, and sportsmanship. Skills taught include serving, passing, setting, hitting, and the rules of the game.

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Youth Basketball

AGES: 5+ GRADES: Kindergarten-3rd Grade, 6th-7th in select areas
TIME: 1 practice and 1 game per week

Youth basketball at the Y combines team play and individual skills in a fun and supportive environment.  Children develop basketball skills including passing, receiving, shooting, footwork and dribbling. Not only will children have an opportunity to improve their technique, but they'll also build social skills, gain confidence and develop leadership skills.

Basketball is offered year-round at select Y locations, and many more Y locations in the Winter season.

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