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and Alzheimer's

Can exercise treat Alzheimer’s Disease? By participating in a clinical trial at the Y in partnership with the KU Alzheimer's Disease Center, you can have a direct impact on the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Adults with and without memory problems are invited to participate.

a Study

To get started with the initial screening, apply for a study at or call 913.588.0555 for more information.


Can exercise treat Alzheimer’s Disease? KU Alzheimer's Disease Center is partnering with the YMCA of Greater Kansas City on NIH (National Institutes of Health) exercise research studies to answer this question and others about how exercise can affect brain health. Adults both with and without memory problems are invited to participate. 

More than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s. The disease, which destroys memory and other mental functions, is progressive and irreversible. Research has shown that physical fitness has been proven to help your body’s health by combatting stress and depression, as well as preventing serious chronic diseases like diabetes. These studies hope to answer additional questions around exercise and how it affects changes in the brain.  

Participants in the studies:

  • Receive a YMCA membership
  • Are supervised by a YMCA-certified trainer throughout the program. 
  • Undergo physical assessments and cognitive testing
  • Receive examinations at the beginning and end of the study to measure physical and mental progress during the study


If you or someone you know is over 65, in generally good health, you may be eligible to participate. We are looking for adults both with and without memory problems.