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Tips to Keep Halloween Treats Healthy and Fun

YMCA of Greater Kansas City
October 12, 2017
Healthy Halloween Treats

The Halloween season is full of fun parties, festivals and trunk-n-treat events. While there's plenty of fun and thrills, there are also lots of opportunities to overindulge on foods high in sugar, salt and fat. Help everyone make better choices that are still full of Halloween fun by offering healthier treats using these tips: 

  • Make fruits and vegetables the star. Clementine oranges, baby carrots, avocados, green apples and purple grapes are all full of flavor and bright Halloween colors. Try arranging them in a fun Halloween shape on a platter, or making fun kebabs. 
  • Decorate healthy foods for spooky fun. Use packaging as a canvas for fun by drawing draw ghost faces on the wrappers of low-fat string cheese or a smiling jack-o-lantern on the peel of an orange. Or, wrap bananas with mummy bandages. Dressing up these familiar treats makes them more appealing to kids and get them excited to try them. 
  • Carve out some fun. Turn ordinary fruit salad into a fun Halloween treat by serving it in a hollowed orange carved with a Halloween face. Turn a regular veggie tray into a platter of fun by serving them in bell peppers carved with jack-o-lantern faces.  
  • Enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Pumpkin is a perennial fall favorite and a great addition to breads, muffins and other baked goods. Plus, pumpkin seeds are a delicious and easy-to-make treat. Pomegranates, cranberries and persimmons are also in season. 

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