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Water Stamina

Swim Basics - STAGE 3

Swim Basics are introductory swim lessons divided into three progressive stages that include the foundations of water safety and basic swimming skills, focusing on swimming to safety. In the class, swimmers focus on swimming longer distances and are introduced to rotary breathing and integrated arm and leg action.

AGES: Preschool (3-5) or Youth (6-12)
TIME: 35 minutes per lesson
FEES: Vary by center

Water Stamina is the third stage of swim lessons and the final stage in the Swim Basics phase. In this stage, students learn basic stroke techniques, rotary breathing and integrated arm and leg action. In the event they fall into a body of water, children learn how to swim, move to safety and exit.

This swim lesson stage is available for preschool (ages 3-5) and youth (ages 6-12) swimmers at most Y centers. 

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What to Bring

Swim Lessons - Water Movement

Bring a swimsuit, towel and goggles (without a nose mask) to each lesson.