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Reaching Greater Heights

Young Achievers encourages students in 6th-12th grade to pursue educational and career goals through high school graduation and acceptance to institutions of higher learning. This is a national YMCA program that began in Houston, TX in 1967. Out of every 1,000 Achievers participants nationwide, 998 graduate from high school, and 9 out of 10 enter into post-secondary education.

About Young Achievers

Young Achievers

Middle and high school students gain the tools they need for success in college and beyond through the Young Achievers program. A variety of activities provide students an opportunity to gain life skills that will help them raise their academic standards, develop a positive sense of self, build character, explore diverse college and career options, and meet and interact with professionals who serve as role models and sources of inspiration. Students participate in culturally based programs that foster leadership, a diverse community, and promote lifelong learning.

Sessions are held two Saturdays each month and allows students to learn about college, careers, community services and even life skills such as building positive relationships and managing personal finances. 

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