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Y Centers hosting Back to School Drive

YMCA of Greater Kansas City
August 5, 2022
A Y staff member smiles while helping a young girl on her laptop computer in a classroom full of kids

School is starting soon across the Kansas City area and we want to support teachers this year by providing classroom supplies to them.

Beginning Monday, Aug. 8, we will launch our Back to School Spirit Week to support teachers across the metro area. This campaign will run for two weeks and end on Sunday, Aug. 19

Drop off school supplies from the suggested list below at any Y Center during the two-week period. During this event, we will also be hosting a Spirit Week for both Y staff and members to spread the spirit of our youth heading back to school. This spirit week allows staff and members to dress up for each themed day and includes daily challenges! 

Suggested school supplies include blank or lined paper, pencils, erasers, disinfecting cleaning wipes, AA and AAA batteries, 16 packs of crayons, staples, sticky notes, dry erase markers, markers and zip top plastic storage bags. 

Monday, Aug. 8: Super Hero Day
Challenge: Introduce yourself to a new staff member  
Donate: Blank or lined paper, Pencils

Tuesday, Aug. 9: Tie-Dye
Challenge: Join a new Group X Class  
Donate: Erasers, Disinfecting cleaning wipes

Wednesday, Aug. 10: Wacky Wednesday
Challenge: Learn about Kids Night Out  
Donate: AA and AAA batteries

Thursday, Aug. 11: Throwback Thursday  
Challenge: Share your Y story  
Donate: 16 pack of crayons

Friday, Aug. 12: Kindness Day
Challenge: Surprise someone with a random act of kindness  
Donate: Paper staples, Sticky notes

Saturday, Aug. 13: Sports Day  
Challenge: Learn about the sports offered at your Y  
Donate: Dry erase markers, Markers

Sunday, Aug. 14: Crazy Hair/Hat Day  
Challenge: Join a Yoga class  
Donate: Zip top plastic storage bags

Monday, Aug. 15: Neon Monday  
Challenge: Join a new water class  
Donate: Blank or lined paper, Pencils

Tuesday, Aug. 16: Tourist Tuesday  
Challenge: Visit a new Y Center
Donate: 16 pack of crayons

Wednesday, Aug. 17: Try something new today
Challenge: Learn about the volunteer opportunities offered at your Y  
Donate: Erasers, disinfecting cleaning wipes

Thursday, Aug. 18: Mismatch Thursday  
Challenge: Learn about our Y Mission  
Donate: AA and AAA batteries

Friday, Aug. 19: Last Spirit Day - School Pride  
Challenge: Celebrate your fitness journey  
Donate: Zip top plastic storage bags

Join us in spirit by participating each day and completing each challenge with your family! Please share your pictures on our Facebook page! Help us give back to the community by donating school supplies to support the schools in our area!