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Stay healthy in body, mind and spirit from the comfort of your own home with these Y Group Exercise classes. During this time of uncertainty, the Y is here for you offering these videos for free. With equipment optional workouts, all you have to do is hit "PLAY."

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Beginner Yoga Flow

Beginner Flow

Learning the basics of a Yoga flow and getting comfortable with both blocks and straps

Level: Beginner  Equipment: Yoga Mat, Blocks, Straps

Weekday Wind Down

Weekday Wind Down

Yoga flow to relieve stress and tension. Designed to help you focus and let the distractions of the day recede.

Level: Intermediate  Equipment: Yoga Mat

Yoga For Cyclists & Runners

Woman sitting on yoga mat

Increase blood flow to joints and muscles, promoting healing and enhancing rest days.

Level: Beginner  Equipment: Yoga Mat, Blocks, Straps


Beginner Bootcamp

Bootcamp for Beginners

Beginner bootcamp utilizing a chair and weights for a great workout

Level: Beginner  Equipment: Chair, Weights

Bootcamp Countdown

Bootcamp Countdown

Bootcamp focused around an array of workouts repeating the sets down from 10 all the way to 1

Level: Intermediate Equipment: None

Minute to Win It Pt. 1

Bootcamp Minute to Win It Pt.1

A variety of bootcamp exercises repeated but all done in 1 minute intervals for maximum impact

Level: Intermediate Equipment: None

Active Older Adults

AOA Rise & Shine

AOA Rise & Shine

A quick warm up and stretch to help you loosen up so you can start your day with a smile.

Level: Beginner  
Equipment: Chair

AOA Resistance Tube

AOA Resistance Training

Great workout for Active Older Adults utilizing both a chair and flexible resistance tubes.

Level: Beginner  Equipment: Chair, Resistance Tubes

Silver Circuit - Weights

AOA Strength Training

Great workout for Active Older Adults utilizing both a chair and weights for enhancing balance and flexibility.

Level: Beginner  Equipment: Chair, Weights


Barre Booty Fusion

Barre Booty Fusion

Barre utilizing a weighted bar for great exercise

Level: Intermediate  Equipment: Weighted Bar

Barre On The Ball

Barre Ball

Barre utilizing a medicine ball and weights for great exercise

Level: Intermediate  Equipment: Weights, Mat, Pilates Ball

Barre Stool

Barre For Beginners

Barre utilizing just a chair for a great workout that's a great introduction to the method

Level: Beginner  Equipment: Chair

And So Much More

Other videos range from Tai Chi to Youth Soccer! Check out all of them and watch for more to be added soon.